Gardening for Bunnies

Usagi (her name is Japanese for “rabbit”)

Sorry to have been away for so long!! We got a question in the email:

Master Usagi (bowing low),

Thank you for taking my question. I am interested in potting some herbs and veggies for my BunBuns (bunny – safe herbs and veggies of course). Please recommend some bunny safe potting soil.

Also, please feel free to share if you think this is not a good idea

Thank you!

Growing fresh herbs and veggies for your bunny is a wonderful idea.  Organic potting soil should be perfectly safe.  Any potting soil is probably OK if you don’t plan to let the bunny graze directly on the garden or potted plants.  Avoid using pesticides and chemicals directly on the plants, of course!

Here are some useful links for further advice:

Bunny Gardening for Beginners

A Rabbit’s Garden

By the way, we are looking for volunteers to grow some herbs and veggies for the bunnies at the ESRREC shelter.  We have numerous large pots and window boxes that could be used.

Thank you for your question and I wish you the best of success with your gardening!

~ Usagi

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