Surrender Inquiry

If you wish to surrender a rabbit, please fill out this form to provide your contact information and the rabbit’s information. ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED except “notes.” If you would like to send any photos of the rabbit please email to info@esrrec.orgThe surrender fee is $25 per rabbit. We have limited space and therefore you may be placed on a waiting list. At this time we only accept surrenders from Maryland’s eastern shore. Filling out this form does not guarantee that we can take your rabbit; we will evaluate your request and a volunteer will contact you if we have space available.

In addition, you can utlitize our free rehoming site on Home To Home. To be listed on Home To Home, create a profile for your rabbit (with multiple photos and a good description) and set your preferred shelter as “Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue and Education Center.” Once you are associated with our shelter on the Home To Home platform, we will promote the rabbits on our social media, and interested adopters can also search for rabbits that are within range of their zip code. We believe that this platform will help reach people in the region who could give your rabbit a loving home.  Any interested adopter can message you through the website. You can screen the adopters yourself and find a suitable family that you feel most comfortable with. Click here to see our current listings.