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RHDV-2 Vaccination Days in Galena, MD

Organized by ESRREC & Galena Animal Medical Clinic on December 17 & January 7

November 27, 2022
Contact: Cora Dickson,

Rock Hall-based nonprofit Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue and Education Center (ESRREC) is teaming up with Dr. Otero of Galena Animal Medical Clinic (119 B North Main Street) to offer the general public a vaccination clinic in Galena, MD on Saturday December 17, 2022 and Saturday January 7, 2023. Vaccination protects pet rabbits from a fatal disease known as RHDV-2.

On both days, time slots between 1-3 PM can be selected on a first-come, first-served basis by registering online at the ESRREC website. The goal is to vaccinate at least 25 rabbits. For first-time vaccination, two shots are required (three weeks apart). For annual booster, only one shot is required (the owner may choose whichever date is appropriate). Each shot costs $25, payable to Galena Animal Medical Clinic on the day of the first shot.

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHD) is highly contagious and fatal to both wild and pet rabbits. Beginning in 2020, a virus causing RHD was detected in the United States and Mexico, starting on the west coast. RHD kills quickly, giving little warning. Rabbits often die without showing any symptoms. Even rabbits kept indoors are at risk.  Although some east coast states have reported deaths from the strain known as RHDV-2, Maryland does not yet have any reported cases. (More information about RHDV can be found at the House Rabbit Society Resource Center).

The RHDV-2 vaccine, manufactured in the United States by Medgene, became approved for use in Maryland in October 2021. In addition to spay/neuter, ESRREC ensures that all of its rescue rabbits are vaccinated before adoption. ESRREC aims to partner with several vets to organize additional vaccination days around the region in 2023.


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