Apply to foster a rabbit for ESRREC

Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue and Education Center (ESRREC) is expanding its foster program. We are currently seeking foster families for rabbits that are not yet ready for adoption because they are too young to be spayed or neutered. ESRREC can supply basic equipment such as a playpen, litter box, food/water bowls, and a week’s worth of food, litter, and hay. Foster families are required to submit an application, below. Preference is given to families living on the Eastern Shore.

Once approved, the foster family and ESRREC will sign a Foster Contract that clearly delineates roles and responsibilities. ESRREC covers all medical expenses for rabbits in foster care. Once the rabbit is spayed/neutered, foster families will have an option to adopt or to help ESRREC find a new home for the rabbit. Please contact us at if you have any questions regarding the rabbits needing foster homes.