Due to space limitations, ESRREC can only accept pet rabbits from owners on the Eastern Shore. Even those who are in our region will likely have to wait until we have a foster available. (To join our wait list, click here.)

For bunny owners outside our region (e.g., Baltimore, western shore, Delaware, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania) we offer Home To Home, a rehoming site. We also recommend that bunnies on our wait list be posted on Home To Home. The site is free, but requires that an account be set up in order to post your pet and to receive inquiries from interested adopters. As a condition for using this site, you must agree not to charge any adoption fee. You are also responsible for screening potential adopters.

Given that many local shelters either do not accept rabbits or have space constraints, we believe that Home To Home is a good option. We will help spread the word about Home To Home listings on Facebook and Instagram.


To be listed on Home To Home, create a profile for your rabbit (with multiple photos and a good description) and set your preferred shelter as “Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue and Education Center.” Once your rabbit is approved to be listed with our shelter on the Home To Home platform, we will promote your listing on our social media, and interested adopters can also search for rabbits that are within range of their zip code. We believe that this platform will help reach people in the region who could give your rabbit a loving home.  Any interested adopter can message you through the website. You can screen the adopters yourself and find a suitable family that you feel most comfortable with. Click here to see our current listings.