Let’s Go to the Hop!

Houdini the rabbit

Hi everyone, my name is Houdini and I am a former ESRREC bunny adopted by the founder Cora.  In fact, I was born at the Kent County Humane Society shelter and ESRREC transferred me, my sister Abby, and parents Olaf and Anna.  My favorite pastimes are digging at blankets and snuggling with Cora, as well as with my bunwife Domino, also a rescue rabbit from ESRREC.

Have you heard about ESRREC’s Hop-A-Thon on August 5th?  I’m really looking forward to it.  Cora bought me a special H-style harness just for hopping, and she’s going to register me for the class and the “easy” competition.

Many of you are aware that rabbit hopping is a sport gaining popularity in Europe.  But did you know that bunnies can learn to navigate the hopping course without bribing them with treats?  Because it’s just naturally fun!  And when we run the courses with our humans, they aren’t leading us, we’re leading them and we can have fun together.

Of course, an older or sick rabbit may not be the best candidate for this hobby.  But otherwise, any breed of rabbit – even a mixed breed like me that often end up in the rescues – can do this!  A hyper rabbit will get the exercise he/she craves, and a lazy rabbit might surprise you by getting more active with the stimulation.

ESRREC is partnering with Alikatt Rabbit Hopping & Agility, which is based in Pennsylvania, to offer the beginner’s class and demonstrations. It’s a great opportunity for us bunnies to try this new thing. Then we can show off what we’ve learned and maybe win a ribbon or trophy in the competition!

Even better, maybe when the general public comes to the Hop-A-Thon and sees us having fun, they will understand what great companion animals we are… and some of my friends still living in the ESRREC shelter will get their forever homes!!

Visit our website for more information on how to register your bunny for the hop-a-thon.  Hope to see you there!


Editor’s note: Usagi passed away in October 2016 from old age.  Her protégé Houdini will take over the “Ask Usagi” column.