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Foster Homes Urgently Needed for 26 Baby Rabbits

“Denton Rescue Bunnies” to be featured at PetSmart in Easton on September 22

September 17, 2018
Contact: Cora Dickson,

The saga of the Denton Rescue Bunnies has reached a critical juncture: baby rabbits that are too young to be spayed/neutered need temporary homes. Hoping to attract potential foster families, Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue and Education Center (ESRREC), in partnership with Caroline County Humane Society, is hosting an outreach event on Saturday, September 22nd at PetSmart in Easton from 12-2pm.

The event will include a chance for potential fosters to meet the babies as well as a “Bunny Care Basics” seminar to prepare foster families.  Although a few foster homes have been found, 26 babies (including some bonded pair siblings) are still looking for a place to stay by the end of September.

In addition, the adult Denton Rescue Rabbits are looking for permanent homes. PetSmart has been hosting 4 rabbits at the store, to give them more exposure to adopters.

Between May 14 and 22, five litters of baby bunnies were born in Ridgely – the offspring of the pet rabbits who were rescued at the beginning of May from living “in the wild” on a property in Denton.  In total, 50 rabbit lives were savedincluding the newborns.  Although the stray rabbits had been exposed to extreme weather, predators, and disease, they received medical attention and are now in excellent health. Rabbits kept indoors as family pets can live 10 years or more.

To date, 16 of the Denton Rescue Bunnies have been spayed or neutered, thanks to volunteers who have transported the rabbits to and from their surgeries.  ESRREC has raised funds and used grant money to cover the costs. The surgeries for the baby rabbits will take place in late October to mid-November, after which they will be fully adoptable through Caroline County Humane Society.


Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue and Education Center, Inc. (ESRREC), a nonprofit organization that provides temporary shelter and helps find forever homes for pet rabbits, is the only rabbit rescue serving the Eastern Shore. Since it opened its Main Street shelter in April 2015, ESRREC has taken in 127 rabbits, facilitated adoptions for 89 rabbits, and spayed/neutered 103 rabbits.

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