Rabbits are the third most popular companion animal. They can be litter box trained and stay indoors with the family like a dog or cat.

ESRREC adoptable rabbits will be listed here and on Petfinder.  We require an adoption fee to help defray the costs of sheltering and neutering/spaying the rabbits. Please email your application or any questions to

FAQs (please read this first!)

Adoption Application

Adoption Contract

NOTE: Thank you to the House Rabbit Society for letting us utilize their forms!

Saturday August 17, 2019 – Adoption fees are reduced for the Clear The Shelters Challenge! See Press Release for details.

Below are the listings of ESRREC’s adoptable rabbits from Petfinder.

 . Brienne .
 . Brienne .  . Brienne .  . Brienne .  . Brienne .
  • Lionhead, English Spot
  • Spayed/Neutered
Brienne has just a touch of Lionhead. She was one of the 30 babies born in May 2018 after the rescue of abandoned rabbits in Denton, MD . She is friendly and energetic.
Young, Female, Medium
 . Coal and Elsa .
 . Coal and Elsa .  . Coal and Elsa .  . Coal and Elsa .  . Coal and Elsa .  . Coal and Elsa .  . Coal and Elsa .
  • Lionhead
  • Spayed/Neutered
Bonded pair.
Adult, Male, Medium
 . Hermione and Luna .
 . Hermione and Luna .
  • Polish
  • Spayed/Neutered
Bonded pair - sisters
Young, Female, Small
 . Jean .
 . Jean .  . Jean .  . Jean .  . Jean .
  • Hotot, Lionhead
  • Spayed/Neutered
Adult, Female, Medium
 . Sansa .
 . Sansa .
  • English Spot
  • Spayed/Neutered
I’m a shy young girl but a very sweet little bunny. I would need a home that is quiet and would allow me to feel safe and secure. I was part of the 30 babies born after the rescue of abandoned rabbits in Denton, MD. A home where you can give me all your attention might be the right place for me!
Young, Female, Medium
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