Talent Show Registration

Step 1. Registration & Entry Fee

  • Select your category and the number of entries. ($20 entry fee/$10 for additional entries)
  • Deadline for registration is July 29, 2020 at midnight EDT.
  • Please contact us at info@esrrec.org if you are unable to pay the registration fee online.
  • Please review the rules below before registering.


HOPPING/AGILITY – show your bunny’s skill at running through a course with hurdles or other obstacles

Register for Hopping/Agility Category $20

Additional Entries for Hopping/Agility $10

TRICKS FOR TREATS– any trick where the bunny is rewarded with a treat

Register for Tricks for Treats Category $20

Additional Entries for Tricks & Treats $10

COSTUME – original costumes preferred. Bunny must not show discomfort in the costume. Bonus points for owner/bunny combo costumes!

Register for Costume Category $20

Additional Entry for Costumes $10

Step 2. Submit your video(s) 

  • Video must be created during July 2020.
  • Videos longer than 30 seconds will be disqualified.
  • ESRREC reserves the right to reject a video in which a rabbit appears to be harmed or in danger. 
  • In the event a video is rejected or disqualified, the registration fee will be refunded.
  • If you register but do not submit a video, ESRREC will not refund your entry fee.
  • By submitting a video, you give permission to ESRREC to publish the video on its voting site and/or show the video during the Zoom event. Registrant otherwise retains all rights for the video.
  • Send videos to talent@esrrec.org

Step 3. Attend Final Judging

Registrants will receive the login information for the Zoom event on August 1, 2020 at 3pm. Please plan to attend and bring your bunny! Winners of each category will receive a prize package that includes a trophy and bunny toys/treats.